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Mini Sneakers For Fingers


The size of our mini sneakers is perfect for anyone wanting to use them for finger skating or start their own collection. Finger skating and action figures are two widely popular use of our mini sneakers. With a 1/6 scale they should fit most fingers. Our mini sneakers will definitely be the present you want to offer to a sneakerhead. All our sneaker keychains are also delivered with an original box and the chain is easily removable. The shoes are handpainted and 3D.


“Amazing! I always loved to take videos for my actions figures and these mini sneakers were a great addition.”

“This shop is a great place to start your collection, rare models and great quality while still keeping an affordable price. Thanks!”

“These mini sneakers are perfect for sneaker skating, they fit my fingers perfectly and I shot some great Youtube videos with it.”


Frequently asked questions

What sizes are your Mini Sneakers?

Our mini sneakers are about 5cm/1.97 inches which corresponds to a 1/6 scale compared to the real model.

Are the boxes delivered with the keychain?

Our sneaker keychains are not coming with a box which you will have to buy seperately on our website. 

What is the minimum age recommended?

Our keychains aren’t toys so to speak. We do not advise to buy our products for kids below 5 years old.

How are your mini sneakers made?

Our mini sneakers are all handpainted with a great deal of details and care to look as similar as possible to the original model.

Can I remove the keychain from the shoe?

Yes, we have made the process easy for you and you will not struggle at all to remove the keychain from the shoe.

Can I change the laces on these mini sneakers?

We offer laces for sale on our website so that you can customize your mini sneaker the way you want to.

Are the keychains delivered with the shoe?

yes, all shoes are coming with a keychain located at the back of the shoe. Becareful to select the left, right shoe or the pair.

Can I use these mini sneakers for finger skating?

Our products are made so that you can either add them to your collection or use them for finger skating.

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